• 249 ฿

    Zignature 3G Blossom Cheek

    249 ฿

    Zignature 3G Blossom Cheek

    Zignature 3G Blossom Cheek is a Korean inspired loose powder cheek and lip blush.  Formulated with within vitamin E this product will help keep your skin moist and radiant

    Color:No.01 – Pink Pearl Lavender

    No.02 – Pink Daisy

    No.03 – Peach Peony.

    Size: 5 g

  • 250 ฿ 169 ฿

    Zignature Naughty Chic Cheek Color Stick

    250 ฿ 169 ฿

    Zignature Naughty Chic Cheek Color Stick

    Zignature Naughty Chic Cheek Color Stick offers the best of two worlds! This product can be used as a blush on or to give your lips that little bit of extra tent that you need. Oh and it lasts really well.  This easy to carry cheek stick's creamy formula is made with both Jojoba oil and Lotus Extracts so you can be confident that your skin will stay healthy.

    Shades : 

    No.01 – Rosy Pink

    No.02 – Natural Nude

    No.03 – Warm Nude

    Size: 4.2 g

  • 350 ฿ 259 ฿

    Zignature Runway Long Wearing Blush On

    350 ฿ 259 ฿


    This Long wearing blush on comes with three shades that will go great with almost any makeup color scheme.  With the additional touch of pearl in the formulation you know you will be looking your best.

    Colors: No.01 – Pink Shade

    No.02 – Peach Shade

    No.03 – Nude Orange Shade

    Net Wt. 5.5 g

  • 250 ฿ 179 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Ready Snap Fluffy Cheek

    250 ฿ 179 ฿

    Zignature Zelfie Ready Snap Fluffy Cheek

    Gel cream cheek adds a beautiful glow to your  Cheeks. Gel-type formulation enclosed in a special stretchy gel feeling which is silky-soft creamy on your fingers that becomes dry from the instant you apply it to your cheeks!. The base of a gel lipstick is translucent which allows for maximum color to delivers high definition color .Intense color and provide long-wearing effect. Contain moisturizer from Grape Seed Oil to protect dryness and roughness. Sakura Extract helps prevention of wrinkles and skin-lightening to correct hyperpigmentation and age spots. Vitamin E provide moisture and leave lips moist and smooth.

    Colors : No.01 – Cotton Pink

    No.02 – Honey Nude

    No.03 – Creamy Coral

    No.04 – Mixed Punch

    Directions :  Apply cream blush on your cheeks and blend with finger

    Net Wt. : 2.7 g./0.09 Oz.