Lip Palletes

  • 400 ฿ 299 ฿

    Zignature Lip Palette

    400 ฿ 299 ฿

    Zignature Lip Palette

    Like a lot of colors? We do too!  That's why we are bringing you the Zignature Lip Palette, to give you an array of creamy lip colors to select from.

    Available in 2 color sets

    No.01- Pink Palette | No.02- Orange Palette

    size 1.5×5 g

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  • Zignature-Zelfie-Make-Up-Go-Lip-Palette
    450 ฿ 349 ฿

    Zignature ZelFie Make Up Go! Lip Palette

    450 ฿ 349 ฿


    New Collection 6 shade in 1 palette.  Silky soft and smooth feeling with beautiful color co-operate with satin texture. Provide feels light and luscious, never sticky. Maximized color impact. The formula rich in Red Berry Extract provides moisturizer and drenched with conditioners.  Epilobium Fleischeri Extract (from Alps mountain) protects the skin from dryness and gives moisturizer to lips.

    DIRECTIONS : Apply on your lips by brush .

    Net Wt. : 6 x  1.5g  /  6 x 0.05 Oz